Celebrating Peanut’s Birthday again and again and again


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Everyone who knows our Peanut knows his obsession love for trucks. We’ve read his truck books so many times he’s memorized the names of all kinds of vehicles and when we see a big truck out in public he calls out “truck, truck, truck!” until we acknowledge him that we saw it as well. So, I picked one of his favorites, the fire truck, as the theme for his second birthday.

firetruck cake

Now you can see why I was so excited to have found the red icing! A pink fire truck simply wouldn’t do. I also made cupcakes for the kids. Yes, I realize I misspelled “birthday”. In my defense right before I decorated the cake Peanut had taken a fall into the door of our playroom and got a HUGE egg on his forehead. It was hard to focus on the cake when I was worried about him. I checked on him a bunch of times overnight and thankfully the next morning his forehead looked normal again Though he still has a bruise. Poor guy. Back to the cake. surprisingly, no body mentioned my typo at the party. I didn’t even notice it until I was looking over the pictures afterwords. Other wise I would have fixed it. Ha ha.

008I was smart enough to put the goody bags and make his birthday shirt earlier in the week, so that was already done. The shirt was a t-shirt he already had and I bought some felt, which I cut out into the shape of a fire truck and sewed to the shirt. I ironed on chief and his name to the back in red letters. It came out real cute 🙂 The goody bags were red buckets with yellow handles that I found at Partycity. I filled them with cute trinkets for the kids and covered it with red shiny filler to make it look like fire.


We had the party at Bounce U. Two big rooms full of slides and obstacle courses of blown up equipment. Mr. Macaroni LOVED it! Many of the Adults had never been there before and I’m not sure who had more fun the kids or the BIG KIDS.


After an hour of bouncing we went to the party room for cake.


We went back to our house where we had pizza with family and later that night our neighbor came over to visit. The next day we had Sunday dinner at my in-laws and sang happy birthday again, with cupcakes of course. Tuesday was his actual birthday and by this time Butter had, had about enough. “Why is it Peanut’s Birthday all the time?” he asked. Poor kiddo. Today is Wednesday and the celebrations are done.

Happy Birthday Peanut! We love you to the moon and back and back and back again! I wish I could freeze time and keep you this little forever!


Over the moon over red frosting!




Can I tell you how deliriously excited I was to find this can of red frosting at my grocery store? Not the grocery store I usually go to, but the fancy grocery store that I was hoping (though afraid I would get my hopes up) would carry red frosting! I wasn’t even aware this existed! Do you know how hard it is to make red frosting? You’ll either end up with pink or all that coloring will give it a bitter taste. I have used this type of icing before. It was chocolate and it was delicious! The flavor of this frosting is buttercream, my favorite. I am already drooling.

The price tag on this bad boy was $4.79. More than I’d like to spend, but I’ll splurge for my Peanut.  When I got to the register it rang up for a dollar. ONE DOLLAR! ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME??? Must have been on clearance from Valentines Day. Did I mention I had gotten the last can? If not I would of cleaned them out! I left the store giggling like I’d had to much laughing gas. My boys think I’m a freak! I can’t wait for Friday night to bake my baby his special cake.  I can’t believe he’s going to be two 😦 The days are long, but the years sure go fast!

Happy Birthday Mr. Macaroni


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Someone asked to have pancakes for breakfast. Since it’s their birthday I tried to make it special. This led to Butter requesting all sorts of letter shaped pancakes. He may never eat a circular pancake again! We had a great day today. A relaxing day at home, then Sunday dinner at your parents. Your rarely read this blog, but perhaps you will stumble upon this post one day and it will make you smile. I love to make you smile.peanuttobutter

You’re the crazy to my calm then the calm to my crazy. You pick me up when I’m down and make me laugh when I want to the least, but need to the most. For these reasons and so many more. I love you.

Soda Shop at home


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We were one of the lucky ones chosen to host a sodastream houseparty! Hurray! Check out all the goodies we were sent:

  • (1) SodaStream Source starter kit with 6 mini flavors
  • (1) SodaStream sample pack
  • (1) 1 liter bottle
  • (1) SodaStream T-shirt and whistle
  • (2) Full Size flavors
  • (50) SodaStream cups
  • (12) SodaStream foam fingers
  • (12) Sets of beads
  • (15) SodaStream $20.00 off rebate offers
  • (15) SodaStream product information inserts

If you haven’t done so already sign up at www.houseparty.com. It’s completely free you get to try (and keep) some AMAZING products!

We were all set to go with a big Superbowl/Sodastream party when our household came down with a terrible cold! Everyone, at exactly the same time. Usually it starts with one of the kids and travels through the family. Not this time. We were all out of commission. So, we rescheduled for a smaller party with less football and more soda!


We have really enjoyed using our sodastream. I couldn’t get over how easy it was to install, take it out of the box, screw in the co2 cartridge and you’re ready to go. When you want to make soda all you have to do is fill the bottle with water, click it into the sodastream, push down until you get your desired carbonation, pour in the flavor then put the cap on and gently shake to mix. Easy! I must admit  the first time I didn’t shake gently enough and I ended up with a cola volcano. I have it down now.

I don’t allow the kids to have soda but, I gave them some plain seltzer water and some mixed with juice. Butter described the bubbles as being “hot” in his mouth, how funny! I have loved just about every flavor I have tried which includes orange, diet pink grapefruit  and the energy drink. The cola for me wasn’t my favorite, but I am an admitted diet coke snob.

What I love is that the regular soda only has about 35 calories per serving. Unheard of! It also has less carbs, sugar and sodium than the other brands. The Diet of course has no calories and does NOT include aspartame. Love! They’re sweetened with splenda. I, being the queen of recycling as Mr. Macaroni lovingly

refers to me, also enjoy the fact that it uses reusable bottles cutting down on waste.

With the sodastream the drink possibilities are endless I am thinking rootebeer floats in the very near future!

Thanks again Sodastream and Houseparty! What a great product 🙂

Where did the time go?



Although it’s been almost four years it seems like just yesterday we were bringing Butter home from the hospital. We’re going through some big changes around here! I just mailed Butter’s enrollment check into his preschool. Yup, that’s right he’s not  a baby anymore and will be starting school in the Fall. Also, he has outgrown his nap! I know how awful! The good news is that without a nap he’s ready for bed at 7:30, which gives me and Mr. Macaroni some time to ourselves.

My sweet baby boy Peanut will be turning two next month… bittersweet. He’s been talking up a storm lately. He wants to do whatever his big bro is doing. He and Butter have been really getting along recently. It is so sweet to see them play together. Before I know it he’ll be in school as well and these precious baby days will be through.

There are some things that I hope I will never forget about my babes.

009 (2)Butter. There is not a shy bone in your  body. When a stranger comes up to us in public and admires how cute you are, you’ll talk their ear off for 20 minutes. You climbed the bookshelf before you could crawl and shortly after took of running and never looked back. You used to laugh when I would tell you “No” and now you’ll tell me exactly why you should be able to. I love how you made up the word “Googaluke!” whenever we asked you a question it was your response. It cracked me up how you would call kids “boy” or “girl” at the playground instead of using their name. You still will only love one person at a time and I couldn’t be happier than when it’s me!

010 (2)Peanut. My shy guy. Your happiest place is in my lap. You love me the best and will settle for Daddy. You were a fantastic sleeper from day one, but I’ll forever cherish our rare dates when you would wake up overnight and we’d watch Toy Story and then go back to bed. We call you Mooch because if someone is eating you demand to share even if you’ve just eaten. You are more than happy to give your brother anything you have if he asks or cries for it, even though he doesn’t return the favor!

I hope that you both continue to stay true to yourselves. Butter I wish that you will always have the confidence to stand up for yourself and never let the world tell you no. Peanut I wish that you never lose your huge heart and always feel the happiness that comes from putting others first.

I love you boys. You’re my whole world!

Chuck E Cheese


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We had a great time celebrating my friend’s son’s birthday party this weekend. She had it at Chuck E Cheese. I have never been before. I was surprised how clean the place was. Probably because it’s named after a rat I wasn’t expecting such a nice place. 030 (2)

Can you see Butter in the upper right hand corner? The first time he went up there he was yelling to me that he was scared. I pointed him in the direction of down. He came out and ran back up to do it again (now that he had the maze figured out he was no longer scared).

028 (2)

Where’s Butter? The kids had a blast playing games! Butter would take his cup of tokens and come back to me with handfuls of tickets. Such a big boy! Peanut would say “Money, Money” I’d give him a token and he’d run over to one of the ride on trucks and he’d put it in the slot all on his own!

034 (2)

The boy loves his trucks! Mr. Macaroni joined us for the party, so we had a really nice family day. Peanut and Butter were both on their best behavior, which is always nice. Afterwords we went to dinner for Mr. Macaroni’s Grandmother’s 89th birthday. The kids weren’t as good at this restaurant. They had a fun time playing with their cousins, but a two-hour dinner is a lot to expect from them. I guess we’ll have to have her 90th at Chuck E Cheese!

Where have I been?

I wish I could say things have been super busy around here, but they haven’t. Instead of posting on my blog I have been reading this instead. http://rockstarronan.com/2010/08/13/the-journey-begins/ It’s a blog written by Maya Thompson who lost her gorgeous son right before his fourth birthday to cancer. She takes you through their eight month battle with cancer and then the aftermath of a parent’s worst nightmare. I along with millions of strangers have fallen in love with her and her beautiful Ronan. She has certainly reminded me not to take a single moment with my boys for granted. I encourage everyone to support her foundation http://www.theronanthompsonfoundation.com/ If we all give a little we can do a lot.

Goodbye crib! Boohoo! Sob!




Those would be my tears. Not Butter’s. He is VERY excited to have a big bed! He was slightly disappointed by the fact that this bed was not going to have stairs (bunk bed), but once it was put together he couldn’t have been more pleased. We got it from Unclaimed Freight. Love them! We also checked out Raymour and Flanigan and Ashley Furniture. Unclaimed Freight always has great quality for a GREAT price! I don’t know why we shop around.


I love that it has a trundle, which will come in handy when he gets older. His room looks like such a big kid room now 😦 no more baby!


Here’s a photo of him I snagged while he was sleeping this morning. He’s hardly taking up any of the bed! Really it’s only a twin! Plus the finish matched his dresser, so we didn’t have to buy a new one! Bonus!

Resolutions anyone?


I’m not normally one to make resolutions, but this year I’ve got a plan! A cleaning plan. Here’s hoping a messy house won’t sneak up on me in 2013. I know I know there are worse things. Deep down I’m trying to reduce my anxiety. Mommy’s always happier when the house is clean! So, here goes:

Monday – laundry day

Tuesday – wash floors

Wednesday – Thorough vacuuming

Thursday – laundry day

Friday – bathrooms

Saturday – dust

So far so good. The laundry got washed, folded and put away yesterday. The floors are sparkling today! It feels good to have  a schedule. Instead of the get to it when I get to it policy. Now all I have to do is stick to it!

Happy Holidays!


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You may have noticed that I never posted about Hollywood Studios or Epcot. Yeah, I noticed too… With all the hustle and bustle from the holiday’s I never got around to it soooooooo let me talk about that instead!

We had a great holiday. Hope you did too! Ours is ALL about family time.


My family came up Christmas eve eve. There’s little Peanut on the couch with Grandpa and Butter coloring with Grandma in the back.


The kids enjoyed tearing into their gifts. They both love building with the Lego duplos and Butter is loving his spiderman floor puzzle. Cracks me up how much he is into spiderman right now, since he has NEVER seen the movies.

After we put the kids to bed Mr. Macaroni and I snuck out for a quick date night.

The next day My sister and her HUSBAND came over for Christmas eve. Guess what we did…

017YUP, present time. Along with a fun toy my sister is always  good for gifting books to the kids. LOVE THAT! This time they got a Dr. Seuss and their very first Beatrix Potter. That one may scare Butter into behaving!









We always do Christmas eve at my Mother in Laws. I look forward to that meal ALL year! She prepares seven fishes. This year we had tuna antipasti, shrimp cocktail, crab cakes, scallops, tilapia and cod. I’m still stuffed. Afterwords my family went home. We went to bed and in the morning we had a visit at our house from….


Santa. MORE PRESENTS…. Mr. Macaroni woke up Butter. Not growing up with Santa myself I wasn’t sure if I was properly explaining the whole Santa thing to Butter. However, the first words out of Butter’s mouth Christmas morning was “Did Santa come?” and when he saw the tree “Yeah, he did.” I was very proud of him he was very grateful for EVERY gift he got this holiday. Peanut really enjoyed unwrapping.

That afternoon we headed to my In laws for you guessed it more presents…..




I promise to us the Holidays are really about spending time with family! But, I can’t say that I am surprised that on December 26th Butter asked to go to his Nana and Pop Pop’s in hopes that there would be more presents to unwrap. Sorry dude. Not until next year!





Tonight is New Years Eve. It’s the first time in 4 years that we have plans! We’re heading to our neighbors. The kids have a great time playing and the adults have ADULT time! I put the kids down for a late nap and we’ll see how long they make it tonight.

Mr. Macaroni has been talking about having baby number three for  a little while now. I don’t think it’s a question of if but more of when. However, tonight while it would make for a good story is not the right time! So, I have written Mr. Macaroni a note to find when he stumbles into bed tonight 🙂

Dear Mr. Macaroni,

If you are reading this than you have had too much to drink 😉 There will be no babies made tonight. Go to sleep!



Happy New Years all. See you next year!