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My sister is getting married to a wonderful guy the day after Thanksgiving. I could not be more happy for the both of them. They are such a good match! It is impossible to be in their presence without feeling the love between them.  With  my Aunts help we are throwing my sister a shower this Sunday. Our theme is an outdoor tea party. Finger sandwiches, tea, scones we’re doing the whole deal.

Along with other favors that will be given out I volunteered myself to make chocolate lollipops. Have I ever made chocolate lollipops before? No, but I always make my kids birthday cakes and I am pretty crafty so how hard could it be? Turns out pretty hard! I have never worked with chocolate before. I went to Michaels. We have an A.C. Moore in our town, but this Michaels is brand new, so I thought I would check it out. I love all things crafts and I was NOT disapointed. I made a mental shopping list of other things I would like to pick up in the future. While in the checkout line Butter started to play with the candy display and was particularlyinterested in a large york peppermint patty. I thought it was sweet that he handed one to his brother to hold in his stroller, but I kept a close eye becaus I didn’t want Peanut to attempt to eat it wrapper in all. Guess I had my eye on the wrong guy because in a split second Butter had squished his Peppermint Patty into a ball! AAAARGH! It may not seem like a big deal, but after a half hour of shopping and a lot of “Stay close to me please”, “Don’t touch that it will break”, “Let’s put that back” and “Come along now’s” I was starting to sweat and ready to get home. I had Butter apologize to the cashier for the squished patty, she was kind enough not to charge me for it and I purchased:

two bags of Wilton candy melts (milk chocolate and white chocolate)

two packages of Wilton lollipop wrapping kits (cellophane bags, lollipop sticks and twist ties)

heart lollipop mold

brown ribbon.

The Chocolate was very easy to melt. I put in a microwave save dish for 30 second intervals, afterwich I would stir until smooth.

My first mistake was deciding to do two colors. I thought i would paintbrush in the first color and then add the second color on top. The result was that the second color would melt the first color. As a result the first color would run and not look as good as I’d like it to. I decided to do a simpler version for my second batch and just do two different colored hearts no paintbrushing. However, the colors are still running AAARGH!! Perhaps I should let the chocolate cool a little more before adding the second color.

Two bags of chocolate made about 25 pops. I finally got the hang of it towards the end. They remind me of black and white cookies. My advice would be if it’s your first time do a couple practice batches first!