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Driving home to see my family always brings back memories of my childhood. I remember being  a kid spinning around as fast as I could. The whole world was blurry. I would spin until I was so dizzy I would flop to the ground.

That’s how I feel like my life was before I met Mr. Macaroni. I whole lot of fun, but completely out of control. Spinning around and around until FLOP! I would happen to meet new people and have new experiences. Call it fate, call it chance, call it whatever you like.

I was awkward. I was shy. I had no idea who I was. In college, ok in High School, I discovered that alcohol could make me who I thought I wanted to be. Confident. Fun. Outgoing. Likeable.

More Spinning.

It wasn’t until I bumped into Mr. Macaroni that my world stopped spinning. Mr. Macaroni had a confidence about him that was contagious. He was so honost. There were no games.

If I were a tree he quickly became my limbs, branches and leaves. I could lean on him.  With him around I could stand a little taller. He always has the right thing to say and even though I hate to admit it. He knows me better than I know myself. When I’m upset about the house not being clean enough he’ll say “you’re not upset about the house, you’re upset that your project didn’t turn out the way you expected.” and gosh darn it he’s right.

Our kids are my roots. Except, my roots don’t come out of my feet they come out of my heart. I am planted so firmly in this spot. We have our storms, but we’re strong and we get through it. Together. My world is no longer spinning. I know exactly where I belong. Right here.