My sister requested we have a high tea for her bridal shower. It is a tradition in my family for the bride to be’s Aunts to throw the shower. As the Matron of Honor I would participate in orchestrating the event as well. My Aunt A really went above and beyond and did research as well as getting all four Aunts involved in the shower. I had a great time emailing her back and forth with ideas and giving and getting opinions on different plans for the shower. None of us really knew much about a high tea. The only one I had ever been to involved Cinderella and I was pretty sure my sister wanted to be the only princess invited.

We ended up going all out. We used a few patterns of china and served delicious food on silver platters. We drank a variety of hot teas along with an iced tea. Munched on yummy cranberry, blueberry and raisen scones with clotted cream, strawberry jam and lemon curd. For those who have not had it the clotted cream was a heavenly topping that tasted like whipped cream and the lemon curd was similiar to a lemon meringue pie filling. For the main course we served a mixed salad with a balsamic dressing paired with broccoli quiche and cucumber with mint, smoked salmon with dill, and egg salad finger sandwiches.

This is a picture of my sister and I. She is the one with crown! The day was perfect we couldn’t have asked for better weather.

It was a small, but intimate shower. We had about twenty attendees mostly family. I really enjoyed being able to talk and spend time with everyone. Mr. Macaroni spent the day with the kids. I left about an hour after they woke and returned after they went to bed. I missed them, but appreciated the break. Mr. Macaroni enjoyed himself as well he even took both kiddies out for lunch!

We played a few shower games. One I had never heard of before called pass the present. A short story was written about how my sister and her future hubby met. The words “left” and “right” were used frequently. My Aunt had wrapped three boxes that guests held and when they heard the word “left” they passed the present to the person on their left and when they heard the word “right” they passed the gift to the right. It was alot of fun! It turns out that the boxes were empty, but the three winners each got to take home a potted plant centerpiece.

I did a newlywed type game. I had emailed my future brother in law before the shower and asked him a few questions such as:

If there was a parrot in your house what is the word/phrase it would most likely pick up and repeat?

What will the bride most likely sneak out of the fridge when she thinks no one is looking?

I knew I loved her when_____ and I can’t wait to marry her because_______.

It did an excellent job of embarrissing her and I was suprised by how many answers she didn’t know. Probably, because the answers that my future brother in law gave were very detailed.

My Mother and Aunt A both wrote songs to sing and before we knew it…. TIME FOR GIFTS!!! The bride registered at amazon.com and amazon.com only! I was afraid that some guests prefer to go to a store and might not be able to figure out the site. It worked out fine and she got some pretty nice gifts.

Of course as tradition states I had to make her a hat out of all the ribbons and bows that came on the packages. Fits with the tea party theme I think!

We then indulged in a decadent chocolate cake and also served a fruit and berry salad. We gave out the chocolate pops I made inside a tall shot glass filled with almonds and pink flowers.

It was a wonderful day I especially liked getting coffee with my Aunt V before the party, because no coffee was served at the party! I will miss emailing my Aunt A back and forth and spending time with family who I don’t see nearly enough!