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It came! A great big box full of Fisher Price toys arrived from houseparty.com after nap time. Is there anything better than getting a package in the mail? Especially, when it’s packed with over $300 worth of toys, that’s right I googled the prices. Please don’t judge me.

For those of you who don’t know house party is a website where company’s select you to try out their new products and all you have to do is throw a party and share with your friends. For this particular party fisher price asks you to throw a playdate for kids, to come and play with the toys. Butter keeps asking me if we can keep the toys forever. Yes, my darling we can!!

This is a list of everything we received.

  • (1) Imaginext® Eagle Talon Castle
  • (1) Imaginext® Dragon
  • (1) Imaginext® Ogre
  • (1) Imaginext® Castle Accessory
  • (4) Imaginext® Castle Figures
  • (1) Rev ‘n Go Stunt Garage
  • (1) Rev ‘n Go Stunt Hauler
  • (6) Rev ‘n Go Vehicles
  • (13) Batteries for toys

Take home items for your guests:

  • (12) Imaginext™ coloring book
  • (12) Imaginext™ DVDs
  • (12) Fisher-Price® catalogs
  • (12) Fisher-PriceStore.com $10 off coupons
  • (12) Gift bags
  • (12) Gift tissue paper sheets
  • (12) “Play Tips” cards: Imaginext® Eagle Talon Castle
  • (12) “Play Tips” cards: Rev ‘n Go Stunt Garage

Butter played with the castle for 3 1/2 hours straight! He only stopped because it was time for bed… and I made him 🙂 I can’t believe that I would not have purchased these toys if I had not gotten them through house party. The reason being my kids aren’t into knights and castles. Also, I would not have purchased all the accessories. I would have gotten one thing and that’s it. What a fool I would have been these are the most AMAZING TOYS I HAVE EVER SEEN! Every time we play with them I discover something new! I love how the figures arms and wrists move in every direction, I love all the secret hideaway/doors/and knock out walls that the castle includes. I love how you can change the shape of the castle and how big it is so more than one child can play at a time. The sound effects are hilarious. The castle responds to the different accessories through what fisher price calls “action tech technology” and the flashing lights are just enough not overpowering.

Today I was taking a picture to show all the accessories (weapons, ladders, knights, removable armor, treasure chest, animals, etc.) and I realized one of the knights was missing. I tore the house apart trying to find this guy, where could he possibly be!

Found him. Apparently, he got stomped on by the ogre. Tough break. I’m not sure who has more fun playing with this toy me or the kids. Some of the parts are small, so I was pretty nervous with Peanut playing with it. He loves it too! I like to keep an eye on him while he is playing just in case.

I set up a battle scene while the kids were sleeping. Are you judging me yet?

We haven’t played as much with the Rev n go cars. I think it is a bit overshadowed by the castle. The cars themselves are awesome. They do stunts with the garage and truck or you can play with them on their own. It is easy for the kids to work and even Peanut, who lives for trucks, has it figured out. They work better on a hard surface opposed to carpet.

I don’t know how we are possibly going to top this for the holidays this year. Thanks a lot fisher price and house party you’re making us look bad! No seriously, THANK YOU SO MUCH!