I found an amazing group of Moms when Butter was one. Actually, I sort of stumbled upon it. I had heard about Borders hosting story time (so sad that Borders is no longer in business) when I got there I realized many of the Mothers already knew each other. I started talking to someone who has since become a good friend of mine. She told me that they all belonged to a Moms group through meetup.com and that I should join. I am so glad I did. I have met so many wonderful people and the kids have had such great experiences through it. We do playdates, parties, meet up at town events and local parks there is always something to do!

Tomorrow is our first ever Harvest Festival at my friend’s house. It is a big event with over 30 attendees. Everyone is to bring a crock pot dish. I will bring Buffalo Chicken Dip.  More on that later. We will decorate pumpkins, make scarecrows and have a parade where we bring a decorated ride on toy for our children. I tend to be very last-minute on these things and not to disappoint I waited until last-minute to decorate my kids ride on toys. My motivation was this toy horse that we got from the Fisher Price imaginext Eagle Talon Castle.


My kids are obsessed with these toys and I promised my boys that I would transform these ride on toys:

Imageto that horse. Why would I do that??? This is what I had on hand: Cereal boxes, aluminum foil, paint, tape, yarn, red foam and a sharpie.

First I cut one side off a cereal box as well as the top and bottom until I was left with this:


Then I cut out this shape for the horse’s head and put the handle bars through the holes.Image

I taped the side back on that I had previously removed to the back of the horse’s head. Image

cut these shapes out of aluminum foil:

I cut eyes out of red foam and painted the horse’s head white. Since the paint was wet I didn’t need glue to stick the aluminum foil on. Score! Here’s how it turned out.

What am I missing? Oh right ears! I cut a side off of a cereal box. Cut that in half. Folded each half in half. Taped the back of the ears closed and then taped the ears onto the horse’s head. Are you following me? Then, I draped and sewed a black kids capes to cover up the fire truck and tied some yarn on to the back handle for the horses tail.

One down one to go. AAARGH! I used the same basic design with a few slight changes due to the different shape of the push toy.

Finally done! I think the kids are going to get a kick out of them. It is a quarter after 12:00 and I am so ready to crawl in bed! I am still working on trying to get Mr. Macaroni to join us tomorrow. Only time will tell!