For a few weeks now I have been watching a four-month old baby, while his Mommy is at work. Three boys ages three and under. The boys have handled it A LOT better than I expected. I envisioned a lot more whining about having to wait for things, jealousy and general unhappiness about not being able to go out during the day to playdates and trips to the store.

If anything this has been a really good experience for them. They tend to be quieter and sweeter when the baby is around. Also, three seems better than two in the sense that Peanut and Butter are not on top of each other constantly, so they aren’t driving each other crazy… well certainly not as much! It’s certainly making Mr. Macaroni and I consider the possibility of becoming a family of five!

I was cleaning up the playroom today after the baby went home. I was trying to vacuum and the boys kept pulling out toys not to play with, but just to make a mess. I was tired and getting frustrated. Butter picked up on it and said “Mommy why are you mad?” I instantly felt guilty, but explained to him that Mommy was feeling sad because everyone enjoys making the mess, but I am the only one who cleans it up. He quickly replied with “I’ll help you clean up, becauuuuuuuuse I love you.” Oh, that boy can melt my heart.