We love us some Play-Doh! It’s a controversial topic among parents. I love to give Play-Doh for birthday gifts and it doesn’t always go over well with Mom and Dad, so I always include a gift receipt! Do you Play-Doh? I think many live in fear of it grinding into the carpet. We have been very lucky in that sensePlay-Doh only comes out under adult supervision, we store it and all of its toys and accessories in a big plastic Tupperware container. Also, we only play with it on the kitchen table.

I love how it encourages creative play and quiets rambunctious boys. This is a new favorite of the boys. My parents got it for Butter’s Birthday. You feed cookie monster alphabet soup. It comes with a noodle maker, alphabet stamps, cookie monster, plastic cutlery, a  bowl with a lid with food molds and a tray (by cookies’ feet) with additional food molds.

Butter really gets a kick out of Cookie Monster “pooping” out the food… boys…

While feeding him he told Cookie that if he ate all his dinner he could have desert. I made Cookie a Play-Doh version of Butter’s desert, Trail mix. Well, m&m’s and mini Hershey’s kisses.

I only let the kids play with one color at a time. I should probably loosen up on that one.