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Busy weekends are the best. Something about Mr. Macaroni not coming home to break up the day makes for a loooooong day. We always like to have something to do. Yesterday we took about an hour drive to unclaimed freight. Our favorite furniture store. They sell quality product, along with some not such great quality products at UNBEATABLE prices. We’re looking to finally get Butter a big boy bed. I’ve been told from every possible person and every resource I looked to for advice to absolutely not get bunk beds. Of course, we went ahead and got bunk beds anyway 🙂 We picked out a bed very similar to this one.

Butter had such a great time riding around the backyard on this power wheels. I had visions of myself surprising him with one for his next birthday. Until… he took out a party guest by accidentally running her over, while she was distracted by the magic show. Perhaps I should have been paying closer attention…

Then, this toy kept him occupied for quite a while. It’s like going down a hill on a sled without the snow.

Next, we tried running down the track.

Luckily, I put a stop to him taking a scooter down the track and was able to convince him that it wasn’t the best idea.

The kids all gathered around for a game of Yoshi smash. They had real eggshells that they threw at a picture of King Koopa. The eggs were stuffed with confetti and a couple had gold stars inside. If they were lucky enough to find a gold star they won a prize. Fun!

It was then time for Super Mario to put on a magic show. Butter wasn’t too interested in that. I certainly got a kick out of the fact that Mario wasn’t wearing anything underneath his costume and there was an opening all the way down his back! Well, better than having an open slit in the front 😉

Mario really shined in his balloon making skills. He made dragons, laser guns, flowers and swan hats. Butter was chasing the girls with his gun… they were less than thrilled.

We had to leave before Mario made his bubblegum cotton candy, cake was served and the pinata got smashed. We still had a great time. I adore the goody bags!

We got home in time to spend some quality snuggle and playtime with Peanut. Both kids were exhausted and in bed by 7:30. Another reason why busy weekends are best!