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We headed out to our very first Trunk or Treat today. It was thrown by our Mom’s group. We had 100 people attending counting Mom’s, Dad’s, kids and even a couple of Grandparents. Apparently it’s our biggest even yet.

Even Mr. Macaroni came along. It was nice having help and introducing him to the other family’s. I’m trying to find him a Dad friend since none of his other friends have kids. It would be nice for him to have a friend where they have that in common. Turns out it’s much easier to make friends for kids than adults.  I think Peanut and Butter were a little overwhelmed at first. Also, they were not thrilled about having to wait for the go ahead to start trick or treating. For being so excited to trick or treat they were pretty grumpy.

Some of the trunks were amazing! I took pictures of a few of the cars. Not everyone was there yet and some weren’t finished setting up, so this is just a sampling.

I have to say the trunk or treat is the way to go. It’s so easy for the kids to walk from car to car. They came home with quite a haul! Not just candy, but healthier snacks, juice and toys. Peanut and Butter were in much better moods once things got started and they were allowed to have a couple peices of candy.

I’m pretty sure we were the only folks who didn’t decorate our car! Argh! I know I am the worst. I was waiting for inspiration to hit, some sort of theme or direction to go in. I’ve been a little overwhelmed lately with everything I have going on and before I knew it it’s the night before and all I have to show is a messy trunk! That wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. We did hand out candy all the same. We were parked somewhere in the middle of it all. Here’s the view to the right:

and to the left:

After the trick or treating we had lunch. Great big subs for the parents, hot dogs for the kids, chips, cookies, cakes and so many more goodies. The kids ran off most of the sugar on the basketball court.

I was really impressed with how well behaved Butter was. We have been battling with keeping our hands to ourselves. He can be a little rough. He was awesome today! I noticed while the kids were playing one girl started pulling him around by his costume and a seperate incident where a boy was swatting at him. In this situation he would normally push or hit back. This time I caught him saying “I don’t like that, don’t pull my costume” and “don’t hit me. I don’t want to play that way.” Hurray! It’s starting to sink in! It was a great day. Thankfully the rain held off. We can’t wait to do this again next year. Next time I’ll decorate!