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I was flipping through my Martha Stewart Living magazine and I found this recipe. http://www.marthastewart.com/925956/orecchiette-broccoli-rabe-and-tomatoes I could not wait to make it. Like literally. I went out to the grocery store and picked up everything I would need for dinner.

I make a similar recipe in the Summer by roasting fresh tomatoes and garlic cloves drizzled with EVOO in the oven. I’ll add a little chicken broth to the mixture and then pour it over pasta. Yummm. This recipe looked even better. A little more time consuming, but it was worth it!

At this point my kitchen smelled so delicious this picture does it absolutely no justice.

See that crunchy mixture on top? That would be homemade breadcrumbs sautéed in olive oil until golden brown. Heaven.

I made a couple slight changes to the recipe. For starters I used boxed macaroni instead of making my own. I added a couple extra cloves of garlic. I love garlic. I love the way my hands smell after I chop it. I love it a little too much. Also, I cut back on the oil some and used chicken broth.

The kids ate two helpings and we still had leftovers.

I’ve made a chicken pot pie twice now. It’s creamy, yummy and child friendly. Can’t get my kids near it. They run from it. I’m still going to make it because Mr. Macaroni and I like it. http://www.pillsbury.com/recipes/individual-chicken-pot-pies/8f966d2c-fe8c-4948-a788-b30f4354ee71/

When do my kids clean their plates? When dinner has anchovies, capers, broccoli rabe and enough garlic to ward off any vampires in a 25 mile radius. There is no denying that they are little Mr. Macaronis.

Also, saw this in the hall today and it made me chuckle. While I was throwing dirty laundry into piles a crocodile caught a pair of Butter’s undies.

Ha Ha! Oh dear, it certainly is the simple things in life!