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Well, it looks like we have picked a place to have Peanut’s Birthday party. Yes, we are well aware that his birthday is not until February. On Saturday we went to a party for our friends son at the little gym. We all had a great time and it was actually Mr. Macaroni’s idea to have the party there. This year we are going to do two parties One for family and a separate party for friends. It’s just too crazy having a big party with everyone inside.

Butter impressed us all with his brute strength!

Peanut has been all about Mr. Macaroni lately. It breaks my heart! I know when they are little they go back and forth between being Mommy and Daddy’s boys. I am so ready for it to be all about Mommy again.

I love these group shots of kids eating at parties. It’s practically impossible to get them all to pose for a group photo, but give everyone a slice of pizza and everyone cooperates. They must have worked up quite an appetite after all that playing because for the number of kids and adults in this room it was very very quiet. I was joking with Mr. Macaroni that we should finish our basement into a little gym. It would definitely be worth the investment! I think we will be signing the boys up for gymnastics instead. After the party we took a trip to the mall to pick up one of Peanut’s Christmas presents. He is very into Buzz Lightyear and the talking doll was on sale at the Disney store. Unfortunately, they were out of stock. They had plenty of “Spanish Speaking Buzz”, but that wasn’t what I was looking for. The customer service was excellent (after they tried convincing me it was the same toy) because he was out of stock they shipped him to me for free and I was able to get the sales price. HURRAY! In the end it worked out, because I really didn’t want the boys to see it.

We have been keeping very busy lately between trick or treating, pumpkin patching and apple picking… Mr. Macaroni and I even had a night out to ourselves on Friday. Well sort of. We were invited to a dinner for his work. It was nice. My in-laws came over took the kids out for ice cream and put them to bed. Butter had a great time he was on his best behavior. Peanut missed us and was mopey. Poor babe.

We also went to a Halloween parade on Thursday. The weather was perfect. It goes right by my sister in laws house. It wasn’t until 7:00 so we got there an hour earlier to eat and let all the kids run around a bit beforehand. Of course I forgot my camera. The parade was awesome! I don’t think I have even been to a parade at night before. Peanut is REALLY into trucks, so he got a big kick out of seeing all the fire trucks and floats go by. Butter loved picking up all the candy that was thrown his way and we went home with a very full gallon plastic bag of candy.

I hear the kids waking up from their naps, so I’ll leave you with a picture of the boys playing in the leaves. This is the best shot I could get of them. I was having the hardest time getting them to look up and not down at the leaves!