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Butter’s old enough to have gone to preschool this year. I didn’t send him for a couple of reasons… 1) I watch a baby during the day and I am unable to fit three car seats in my car, so getting him to and from school would be difficult. 2) He will definitely be doing pre school this coming Fall and I thought he might get bored doing it two years in a row 3) it’s EXPENSIVE!! 4) I’d miss him 5) and this is the most important reason… I really didn’t think he was ready. Butter is my WILD man, he is incredibly smart a genius if you ask his Pop Pop, but the thought of sending him to school sent me into a panic. I can just see him climbing on top of the tables and jumping off and over the other children quietly sitting and waiting to fill their minds with knowledge.

Since I am home I like to do crafts and educational activities with the kids.I get my inspiration from pinterest and other Mommy blogs, but I was looking for more.

I was recently talking to another Mom who told me about this amazing website. www.preschoolpalace.com It is exactly what I was looking for! It’s a curriculum that tells you exactly what to teach and go over daily. We’re doing letters, colors, shapes, feelings/manners/behaviors and holidays.

We have a special corner in the playroom for “school”

Every morning Butter says “Let’s do school!” I have never seen him so proud of himself as he is when he follows the directions to complete a worksheet or can successfully trace the letter of the day. I am so glad I can see his face light up and experience these achievements with him, which I would be missing if he were at school by himself.  He has a long way to go on improving his, coloring inside the line skills, but I am very happy to report that  he has not climbed on top of his table and jumped over his brother who is quietly sitting and coloring in his chair. Not yet anyway.