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Last year we got hardly any snow, and Peanut was too little to enjoy it. The year before that Butter had a broken leg and could not play in it. So, when I saw all this beautiful snow today I made a call to Mr. Macaroni at work to pick up a new snow suit for Butter and new mittens for Peanut, because when he gets home we are going to play in the snow! I wasn’t sure what he was going to bring home from the store. I typically do all the shopping for the kids. I couldn’t go out today because I was watching Baby. He did well though he came home with exactly what I asked for. I should give him more credit.

Peanut lasted for about 45 minutes, he thought it was great!

Butter was out well over an hour and only came in because it was getting dark!

I didn’t have the heart to tell him it will all be melted tomorrow.