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Our trip to Disney World is coming up VERY soon! This will be my 4th, Butter’s 3rd, Peanut’s 2nd and Mr. Macaroni’s umpteenth trip ūüôā We got some snail mail from Disney today letting us know we were selected¬†to participate¬†in their FastPass+ program. I am loving this idea! We were able to go online in the comfort of our own home and pick what experiences we wanted to enjoy. They included rides, character meet and greets and prefered¬†seating for fireworks and parades. For those of you who have been to Disney before you know that¬†you can only have one fast pass at a time.¬†For example,¬†if you go to Hollywood Studios and¬†get to¬†the Toy Story ride as soon as the park opens and don’t feel like waiting in line for 2 hours¬†you may be shocked by how many people had the same idea as you and¬†now¬†your Fast Pass isn’t until 6:00 that night, you are now done for fast passes for the rest of the¬†day! With this program we¬†were able¬†to choose 4 fast passes at Magic Kingdom and 3 for Hollywood studios!¬†With our yearly trips we had a general idea which rides tend to have the longest lines and picked those. The only thing I don’t like about this program is that you have to¬†decide what day you are going to which park. Since at this point we can’t foresee¬†what the weather will be like I am glad we are allowed to go back and make changes when necessary. If only there was a fast pass for the plane ride!