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It’s a shame vacation can’t last forever…. if it could I would be in sunny Florida soaking up some rays. We had a great trip! Turns out our kids are EXCELLENT flyers. They were on their best behavior. Our plane was delayed 45 minutes on the runway and Peanut had a blast watching the planes take off. After every one he would turn away from the window look at us and say “More More!” Butter sat quietly in his seat and played with his stickers. We brought a portable dvd player and once the plane was in the air the Peanut watched Toy Story 2. Butter colored and did “school” and they both ate a ton of snacks. They both got a kick out of getting apple juice from the flight attendant and drinking it through tiny straws.

Our first day we got acquainted with the resort. We stayed at All Star Movies. Mostly because our kids are ENORMOUS Toy Story fans. Ever since Peanut was a baby if he was inconsolable we would put on Toy Story and he would instantly calm. Now he’ll bring us the remote nod his head and say “Buzz, Buzz,Buzz” The resort had GIANT character statues. It certainly was hard to get lost when your room is right near Buzz’s rear end!


Mr. Macaroni is posing with Butter and his favorite character Woody and then with Peanut and his favorite Buzz. These things were MASSIVE! We were in the Toy Story section, which all circled around Andy’s room. There were also 101 Dalmatians, Love Bug, Fantasia and The Mighty Duck Sections all with their own enormous attractions.

We had some pool time, which is ALWAYS exciting when it’s December 🙂


We received a free quick service dining plan with our trip for everyone in our party with a park ticket. (We didn’t have to purchase tickets for Peanut because he is under 2) The dining plan included 2 meals and 1 snack for everyday of our trip including the arrival date and departure date. We got an incredible amount of food. There was plenty to share, so we only had to purchase something extra for Peanut a couple of times. Otherwise he shared what we had or had leftovers from other meals. The last day of our trip we ended up having extra meals and snacks because one night we decided to go out to downtown Disney and eat at a restaurant not covered by the dining plan and we ordered a pizza for dinner twice, which only counted as two meals.

The next day we went to Animal Kingdom. We went on the Kilimanjaro safari for the first time. The last time we went I thought it was something that you had to pay extra for, but it’s included in the price of your park ticket. I told Mr. Macaroni I would only go on if he would sacrifice his arm to any lion who thought Peanut or Butter looked tasty. He agreed. We saw some amazing animals VERY close. I apologize for the blurriness of the pictures, but my camera… it’s not great.


Oh, how I love a giraffe.

We all got a chuckle watching how a creature of that stature must climb a small hill in order to not fall down.




HIPPO! He even yawned and we were able to see his big Hippo teeth.





This big guy was right next to our truck. I couldn’t get back far enough to get him in the frame. According to our guide his horns aren’t heavy they are hollow. Either way they look mighty sharp to me.




Butter insisted these crocs (or were they gators?) were just pretend, because they weren’t moving.





Zebras ❤






Lioness, luckily she stayed put so Mr. Macaroni was able to keep both his arms. Phew!



The Safari was just one attraction at Animal Kingdom. We saw tons of animals, rode rides, took in a parade and saw a couple shows.


and of course the one way to know the day was a true success: