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My favorite park! I love all the Disney parks. I certainly wouldn’t want to spend every day of our vacation at Magic Kingdom, but there is just something about walking around Magic Kingdom specifically. There’s nothing like it.


Let the Memories Begin? Don’t mind if we do! The whole park was decorated for the Holiday’s. Something odd about listening to Christmas music when it is 80 degrees. Felt more like Christmas in July!


The park was dead! Do you see how there is NO ONE behind me?? We felt like VIPs. We were running through the lines going on rides three times in a row. AWESOME. The fast pass plus worked out really well. I had the times scheduled for the afternoon when the crowd picked up (a little).


Butter’s favorite ride. YO HO YO HO a pirate’s life for me! It’s more catchy than it’s a small world. Well, after the 14th time around anyway. Apparently, there’s a picture floating around somewhere of Mr. Macaroni doing this exact same pose. Boys…

Domi and BuzzAnthony Domi and Buzz








Peanut’s favorite moment. Meeting BUZZ!!! I could of cried it was so sweet.


We went on the Buzz ride a few times. Somehow while wrangling Peanut to sit in his seat without climbing out to Buzz I managed to get the highest score possible of 999,999. Mr. Macaroni was very impressed. I however was disappointed with the glitch in the ride. Ah well, when necessary I’ll exercise my bragging rights.


The New Fantasyland was pretty neat. Mostly things for girls. I just did a google image search for New Fantasyland and forgot to put in the “land”. YIKES!


Look at this view from our lunch table. Doesn’t get better this!


Ok maybe it does. Look at this view. Two sleeping boys. Mr. Macaroni and I were able to have a dinner date!


My favorite part of the day. I love a parade.  This one was really neat with all the lights.


Speaking of lights. Look at the castle all lit up! We didn’t stay for the fireworks, which is  a shame. Mr. Macaroni wanted to avoid the crowd so we skipped out before so as not to have to wait for a bus back to the resort.


This more than made up for it though. Precious.