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You may have noticed that I never posted about Hollywood Studios or Epcot. Yeah, I noticed too… With all the hustle and bustle from the holiday’s I never got around to it soooooooo let me talk about that instead!

We had a great holiday. Hope you did too! Ours is ALL about family time.


My family came up Christmas eve eve. There’s little Peanut on the couch with Grandpa and Butter coloring with Grandma in the back.


The kids enjoyed tearing into their gifts. They both love building with the Lego duplos and Butter is loving his spiderman floor puzzle. Cracks me up how much he is into spiderman right now, since he has NEVER seen the movies.

After we put the kids to bed Mr. Macaroni and I snuck out for a quick date night.

The next day My sister and her HUSBAND came over for Christmas eve. Guess what we did…

017YUP, present time. Along with a fun toy my sister is always  good for gifting books to the kids. LOVE THAT! This time they got a Dr. Seuss and their very first Beatrix Potter. That one may scare Butter into behaving!









We always do Christmas eve at my Mother in Laws. I look forward to that meal ALL year! She prepares seven fishes. This year we had tuna antipasti, shrimp cocktail, crab cakes, scallops, tilapia and cod. I’m still stuffed. Afterwords my family went home. We went to bed and in the morning we had a visit at our house from….


Santa. MORE PRESENTS…. Mr. Macaroni woke up Butter. Not growing up with Santa myself I wasn’t sure if I was properly explaining the whole Santa thing to Butter. However, the first words out of Butter’s mouth Christmas morning was “Did Santa come?” and when he saw the tree “Yeah, he did.” I was very proud of him he was very grateful for EVERY gift he got this holiday. Peanut really enjoyed unwrapping.

That afternoon we headed to my In laws for you guessed it more presents…..




I promise to us the Holidays are really about spending time with family! But, I can’t say that I am surprised that on December 26th Butter asked to go to his Nana and Pop Pop’s in hopes that there would be more presents to unwrap. Sorry dude. Not until next year!





Tonight is New Years Eve. It’s the first time in 4 years that we have plans! We’re heading to our neighbors. The kids have a great time playing and the adults have ADULT time! I put the kids down for a late nap and we’ll see how long they make it tonight.

Mr. Macaroni has been talking about having baby number three for  a little while now. I don’t think it’s a question of if but more of when. However, tonight while it would make for a good story is not the right time! So, I have written Mr. Macaroni a note to find when he stumbles into bed tonight 🙂

Dear Mr. Macaroni,

If you are reading this than you have had too much to drink 😉 There will be no babies made tonight. Go to sleep!



Happy New Years all. See you next year!