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We had a great time celebrating my friend’s son’s birthday party this weekend. She had it at Chuck E Cheese. I have never been before. I was surprised how clean the place was. Probably because it’s named after a rat I wasn’t expecting such a nice place. 030 (2)

Can you see Butter in the upper right hand corner? The first time he went up there he was yelling to me that he was scared. I pointed him in the direction of down. He came out and ran back up to do it again (now that he had the maze figured out he was no longer scared).

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Where’s Butter? The kids had a blast playing games! Butter would take his cup of tokens and come back to me with handfuls of tickets. Such a big boy! Peanut would say “Money, Money” I’d give him a token and he’d run over to one of the ride on trucks and he’d put it in the slot all on his own!

034 (2)

The boy loves his trucks! Mr. Macaroni joined us for the party, so we had a really nice family day. Peanut and Butter were both on their best behavior, which is always nice. Afterwords we went to dinner for Mr. Macaroni’s Grandmother’s 89th birthday. The kids weren’t as good at this restaurant. They had a fun time playing with their cousins, but a two-hour dinner is a lot to expect from them. I guess we’ll have to have her 90th at Chuck E Cheese!