Although it’s been almost four years it seems like just yesterday we were bringing Butter home from the hospital. We’re going through some big changes around here! I just mailed Butter’s enrollment check into his preschool. Yup, that’s right he’s not  a baby anymore and will be starting school in the Fall. Also, he has outgrown his nap! I know how awful! The good news is that without a nap he’s ready for bed at 7:30, which gives me and Mr. Macaroni some time to ourselves.

My sweet baby boy Peanut will be turning two next month… bittersweet. He’s been talking up a storm lately. He wants to do whatever his big bro is doing. He and Butter have been really getting along recently. It is so sweet to see them play together. Before I know it he’ll be in school as well and these precious baby days will be through.

There are some things that I hope I will never forget about my babes.

009 (2)Butter. There is not a shy bone in your  body. When a stranger comes up to us in public and admires how cute you are, you’ll talk their ear off for 20 minutes. You climbed the bookshelf before you could crawl and shortly after took of running and never looked back. You used to laugh when I would tell you “No” and now you’ll tell me exactly why you should be able to. I love how you made up the word “Googaluke!” whenever we asked you a question it was your response. It cracked me up how you would call kids “boy” or “girl” at the playground instead of using their name. You still will only love one person at a time and I couldn’t be happier than when it’s me!

010 (2)Peanut. My shy guy. Your happiest place is in my lap. You love me the best and will settle for Daddy. You were a fantastic sleeper from day one, but I’ll forever cherish our rare dates when you would wake up overnight and we’d watch Toy Story and then go back to bed. We call you Mooch because if someone is eating you demand to share even if you’ve just eaten. You are more than happy to give your brother anything you have if he asks or cries for it, even though he doesn’t return the favor!

I hope that you both continue to stay true to yourselves. Butter I wish that you will always have the confidence to stand up for yourself and never let the world tell you no. Peanut I wish that you never lose your huge heart and always feel the happiness that comes from putting others first.

I love you boys. You’re my whole world!