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We were one of the lucky ones chosen to host a sodastream houseparty! Hurray! Check out all the goodies we were sent:

  • (1) SodaStream Source starter kit with 6 mini flavors
  • (1) SodaStream sample pack
  • (1) 1 liter bottle
  • (1) SodaStream T-shirt and whistle
  • (2) Full Size flavors
  • (50) SodaStream cups
  • (12) SodaStream foam fingers
  • (12) Sets of beads
  • (15) SodaStream $20.00 off rebate offers
  • (15) SodaStream product information inserts

If you haven’t done so already sign up at www.houseparty.com. It’s completely free you get to try (and keep) some AMAZING products!

We were all set to go with a big Superbowl/Sodastream party when our household came down with a terrible cold! Everyone, at exactly the same time. Usually it starts with one of the kids and travels through the family. Not this time. We were all out of commission. So, we rescheduled for a smaller party with less football and more soda!


We have really enjoyed using our sodastream. I couldn’t get over how easy it was to install, take it out of the box, screw in the co2 cartridge and you’re ready to go. When you want to make soda all you have to do is fill the bottle with water, click it into the sodastream, push down until you get your desired carbonation, pour in the flavor then put the cap on and gently shake to mix. Easy! I must admit  the first time I didn’t shake gently enough and I ended up with a cola volcano. I have it down now.

I don’t allow the kids to have soda but, I gave them some plain seltzer water and some mixed with juice. Butter described the bubbles as being “hot” in his mouth, how funny! I have loved just about every flavor I have tried which includes orange, diet pink grapefruit  and the energy drink. The cola for me wasn’t my favorite, but I am an admitted diet coke snob.

What I love is that the regular soda only has about 35 calories per serving. Unheard of! It also has less carbs, sugar and sodium than the other brands. The Diet of course has no calories and does NOT include aspartame. Love! They’re sweetened with splenda. I, being the queen of recycling as Mr. Macaroni lovingly

refers to me, also enjoy the fact that it uses reusable bottles cutting down on waste.

With the sodastream the drink possibilities are endless I am thinking rootebeer floats in the very near future!

Thanks again Sodastream and Houseparty! What a great product 🙂